Images and videos created for technology companies

Analyst Audience | Workflow Promotion (1:43)

Analyst Audience | Conference Opener (3:25)

General Audience | Conference Opener (2:48)

General Audience | Customer Interview (3:32)

Designer Audience | Product Promotion (2:13)

Demand Generation

Find prospects, induce interest and build pipeline


Demand generation is a scientific art form, one that is rooted in the creation of interest, trust, and a foundation for long-term relationships with potential customers. This results from an intentional strategy, unique to each audience's specific needs and objectives. To execute this requires well-targeted marketing initiatives to perfecting the lead generation and nurturing process. In an effort to reach the intended clientele and generate leads of the highest caliber, I rely on a range of channels, approaches and technologies.




Mobile and desktop front-end design projects


Track informal loans and payments between friends and family.
(Front & back-end development)


Anonymous, curated relationship reviews for dating.
(Front-end development)

Results Analytics

Cloud-based decision support tools for navigating big data
(Front-end development)

Photography &

Award-winning short films and wedding photojournalism

Noctis Irae (5:04)

2010 Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner (CMF)

Caypso Road (5:00)

2011 Georgia Tech - Best Cinematography

Wedding Photography portfolio (2006-2014)

About Me

French-American, born in Mexico. I love connecting technology to delight, especially airplanes, cars, cameras, bikes, audio and mobile tech.

Georgia Tech AE PhD 2013